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Steve Parish discussion---Quote (Originally by Friskey)--- I don't know , maybe because of your punctuation ? Anyone else really annoyed at the HF and the singing and drumming yesterday? If I was Parish, I'd be asking myself "would I appoint Frank now on what I know" If the answer is no, then he should sack him this week, come out on.... ---End Quote--- Managed ok with two most of last season after mandanda.... The Palace Ladies continued their impressive start to the new campaign as they earned victory in the heat at ...

---Quote (Originally by macstar)--- Lets have fake positivity from a sectionof drunk men.everything around is shit...that'll work ---End.... Freedman sporting director---Quote (Originally by Charlie CPFC)--- You can bet your bollocks Freedman has been in Parish's ear "ooh Steve he could do this better, he shouldn't.... ---Quote (Originally by MFBias)--- Sack him and give it to Sammy Lee as caretaker, revert back to a counter-attacking game, 4 at the back. Betting Masters CLC 20Big congratulations to Flat Noodle for getting married yesterday to the lovely Linda. The 26-year-old then moved to Palace for £13million. Following the speculation regarding Mahrez's future at the King Power Stadium, Shakespeare could be introducing the England international as his first reserve.

The tradition of Yathra weaving is native to Bumthang valley and is particularly popular among the women of Chhumig Gewog.

Sheep rearing has been the main source of livelihood for the people of Bumthang in the past.

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Unfortunately yes, it is legal, in order for it to qualify as pornography the girls must be involved in some type of sexual intercourse if anything less, its the law made by the idiots up in the office who say, "Oh yes the girls arent having sex so its innocent and not dirty at all" But when you think about it, it's the dirtiest thing you can ever find.

now put that angsty depressed look on your face, and lower your bra strap... This is like Victoria Secret: They aren't trying to sell the clothes, just the girls. Think about it, what person thinks.."Oh dear, I must go look at the models of and gaze only at their beauty, with no intentions of having sex with them whatsoever, with no dirty thoughs of them whatsoever, yup, Im only looking at them because of the artistic value of it all, yes oh my." Seriously people, its fairly obvious that the website appeals to older men who wanna whack it and keep pics of little girls in a nice "legal" fashion.


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