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Their disagreement spreads to the other couples in the group, and soon Marshall and Lily are fighting over Marshall’s carelessness with Marvin, Ted and Victoria are fighting over Klaus crashing at their apartment, and Robin and Nick are fighting over Robin being distracted by the TV when they’re in bed.Those three couples make up, but Barney and Quinn realize that their differences are too great, and they break up.Quinn finds out that Barney used to date Robin, but is convinced that Robin isn’t a threat when she sees Robin’s new boyfriend Nick (Michael Trucco).Marshall and Lily are so tired from caring for their new baby that they can’t follow what’s happening.Smulders worked in modeling, which she later said she "kind of hated", adding that the experience made her hesitant about pursuing acting as a career: "You know you go into these rooms, and I've had the experience of people judging you physically for so long and I was over that.But then it was like, 'Oh no, I have to actually perform.

The eighth season features Marshall and Lily raising their child, Barney and Robin getting engaged and Ted perpetually waiting for true love, and ends with the long-awaited reveal of the titular mother.

When Neil Patrick Harris signed on to play a villain in A Million Ways to Die in the West, a farce from Family Guy creator Seth Mac Farlane about the American frontier, he knew he’d be delivering crass jokes and twirling the ends of his handlebar moustache with evil glee.

What Harris did not know was that he would spend his entire first day of shooting being asked to, as he says, “defecate in a hat in the town square”.

The gang celebrates Thanksgiving this year with Lily's estranged father (Chris Elliott) whom she hadn't spoken to in three years.

Ted and Robin are given the chance to use Marshall's fourth Slap Bet slap on Barney.


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