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The Paris-born, London-raised singer/songwriter, whose debut album came out to rave reviews just last year, has better credentials at 23 than some her older industry colleagues. I did a 40 min support show in a massive arena where no one really knew me. The creative ones make things, people, places, even music “cool”, then they have to sell out or get bought out cause it’s become so popular and sadly expensive! Everything matters, but only some things are important.We caught up with Delilah whilst on tour to talk shop and see the singer has coming up in 2014.. He asked me to sing a duet with him– I was so excited, I thought I might forget the words– we sang You Got the Look together. In this industry, like others I imagine, everything needs to happen now!its a fight to commit, its a fight, ya, its a fight. According to Takeshi Shudō's novelization, she runs Pallet Town's only restaurant, Pallet House, which she inherited from her mother.From the Roots Up is about me growing into Delilah. Mc Gee and Delilah made their relationship official. these hands, these eyes, these thoughts, these guilty body parts, this man still wants what he cant have. w/ every lust filled breath of you i'm drowning in my sleep.

They also happen to be one of the most adorable (and geekiest) couples on television.They revealed they were dating in the Season 11 premiere of .Since then, they've come a long way, both professionally and romantically.The tabloid claims the pair have been on a string of dates ever since he discovered her on You Tube, with Delilah - real name Paloma Stoecker - spotted in the crowd at Prince's gig in Ronnie Scott's Soho on Monday (February 17).Despite the dating rumours, a spokesperson for Prince later dismissed the speculation, stating: "Delilah is a friend of everyone in the band and everyone loves spending time with her.” However, an insider told the paper: "Delilah is talented and gorgeous and it’s little wonder Prince is so smitten with her."They have always been close but things have moved on recently.” Delilah recently addressed her friendship with the legend in 2012, where she said: "Prince called and said he was a fan of my work and invited me on tour.


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