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According to Katie: “Unfortunately, because of money, the fearful, talentless amateur can rise to a certain level. Let’s get someone else to ride your horse because it’s too difficult.’ It’s just become a sport for rich, talentless people. I’m a mean teacher.” “I remember many, many years ago, we went to France to show.

And that’s sort of what the sport has become — how far can the amateur go by buying the greatest horse in the world. I probably was just dating my husband or we’d just met.

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity?

Here where grace is laced with muscle and strength by gentleness confined.

"My horse, your horse, horses, I love horses...", you will hear the word "horse" constantly.

You'll also probably learn how to switch off every time you hear it, to stop you going star-crazy! Weekends will be taken up by horse shows You'll probably go to shows at the start of your relationship, however you'll soon learn that this is not your idea of a quiet, relaxing, weekend.

The trail ride covers a variety of terrain including country lanes, forests, mountain tracks, bogs and some of the beaches in the area and on the magnificent stretch of golden sand at Rossbeigh. You will only have tea after the horses have been fed.In an equestrians world, 99% of the time, the horse's come first.You look at Mc Lain [Ward], who was the son of a dealer and had a lot of hard times with family problems. One part is an ESNZ registration fee (explained below) with the money going to ESNZ.Which is why," he added confidentially, "offering the smallest sip of good Irish whiskey has become part of the ride -- only to take away that little bit of soreness or weary.


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