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There are a lot of reasons to love Rachel Nichols, and being the lead heroine in Sy Fy’s hit series Continuum is just one of them.She starred in one of the best seasons of Criminal Minds, was brilliant in Alias, got to make out with Captain Kirk in J. Abrams’ Star Trek and even kicked ass in Conan the Barbarian.

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The topic of Status was a much easier discussion, because I avoided delving into identity issues in order to give you the bare bones legislative context.

#JC0449: Playboy, February 1992 #JC0450 Contents: Cover Story— Supermodel Rachel Williams; Reporter's Notebook: Putting Sex In It's Place—opinion, Robert Scheer; Viewpoint: Mixed Company—opinion, James R.

Petersen; Playboy Interview: Liz Smith—candid conversation; Love In the Lean Years—fiction, Donald E. Playboy, March 1992 #JC0451 Contents: Cover Story— Vickie Smith; Playboy Interview: Lorne Michaels—candid conversation; The Creep, the Cop, His Wife & Her Lovers—article, Pat Jordan; The Obsessive Eye of Buce Weber—pictorial; Playboy's History of Jazz & Rock: Swing, Brother, Swing—article, David Standish; Fifteen Ways To Wear Khaki—fashion, Hollis Wayne; The Drug Wars: Voice from the Street—article, Tim Wells and William Triplett; Tylyn John—playboy's playmate of the month (Tylyn John); Vox—fiction, Nicholson Baker; The Dark Side of Winter—drink, Michael Jackson; Bonehead Quotes of the Year, Larry Engelmann; Vengeance from Space and the Texas Tomato—fiction, Michael Beres; Society Darlings—pictorial, text by Lang Phipps; 20 Questions: Forest Whitaker; plus regular features. Playboy, April 1992 #JC0452 Contents: Cover Story— Girls of the Big Eight; Reporter's Notebook: Pssst: Give Stone an Oscar—opinion, Robert Scheer; Playboy Interview: Johathan Kozol—candid conversation; Profit without Honor—profile, Joe Morgenstern; Double vision—pictorial; It Happened One Night—article, Harry Stein; Playboy Music 1992—survey; Very Old Bones—fiction, William Kennedy; Country Stock—payboy's playmate of the month (Cady Cantrell); Adventures In Cyberspace—article, Walter Lowe, Jr.; 20 Questions: Bobcat Goldthwait; Getting It At Home—modern living, Lawrence B.

NAME: Janet Lupo BIRTHPLACE: Hoboken, New Jersey USA BUST: 39" F WAIST: 24" HIPS: 36" HEIGHT: 5’ 6" WEIGHT: 125 lbs AMBITIONS: To be a stewardess and eventually a wife and mother. MY PLAYMATE FEE: Will pay some bills and the down payment on a car and buy something nice for my parents.

FAMILY PRIDE: My older brother was honored for saving four soldiers from a burning helicopter full of ammunition.


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