Rappers dating white women has emma watson dating rupert grint

If this was a family in Kalamazoo, Michigan they would've all been estranged and the family house would be burned down by their mother-turned-arsonist.Basically for the Kardashians, dating a black man hardly registers as a topic of conversation.Black wives are for grown ups” which led me to research billionaire men dating black women. Your skin may not be light enough to snag a rapper, but you can still snag a billionaire business man. Famed billionaire director of the Star wars movies George Lucus net worth 3.9 billion Janet Jackson and Wissan Al Mana who has a net of 4.5 billion dollars Russian billionaire tycoon Vladimir Doronin and Supermodel Naomi Campbell Billionaire Peter Norton of Norton security software corp with wife Gwen Adams billionaire business mogul Richard Branson and Kelly Rowland David Bowie & Iman Prince of Liechtenstien Maximilian and Princess Angela Brown Not quite a billionaire but South Park co-creator Matt Stone has a net worth of 0 million Not quite a billionaire but Robert De Niro is worth 5 million And men, before you start complaining that these billionaire men are all white, this is not a diss to black men.Just remember that to attract a billionaire you have to be Educated, have you own career/interests and have ambition. Find a black billionaire dating a black woman and I’ll gladly update the post.But the comment to top of all comments came from model and actress Amber Rose, who took to her Instagram and posted an edited version of the interview and a caption that was pretty much an essay.The 33 year old, who is of mixed heritage wrote: ‘This really makes me so sad.Women were often treated like a natural resource, protected, poached, fought bitterly over.Now in 2016, the porn site "BLACKED", exclusively producing black male on white blond female scenes, is top 5 on Pornhub.

White entertainers leverage their audiences and music industry connections as a means to get Black producers and rappers to feature and co-sign them, and give them hip hop’s sound and swag.Amber Rose always has something to say about, well, everything and is never afraid to call out other celebrities whenever she thinks they are wrong – and we are glad that she has kept up that tradition in light of rapper Kodak Black’s offensive comments about black women.The rapper, real name Dieuson Octave, was attempting to justify his previous controversial comments on black women when he began to dig a deeper hole for himself when he said that dark skinned women ‘are too gutter’. I love African American women, but I just don’t like my skin complexion. The Skrt rapper was only asked that question because he was already in hot water for comments he made on an Instagram live rant.She concluded: ‘We are all smart and capable of being great!No matter where we come from or what complexion we are! It's 2016, you're not a cool, hip white female celebrity unless you've been at least photographed in risque poses with some random black male celebrity, bonus points for confirmed relationship, extra bonus points for sex tape.


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